How will this spring dress?

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This is the day of love, celebrating fire red fagun with loved ones on it. What if the basanti color is not new clothes! Once again, the fashion houses have brought colorful clothes to welcome Falgun. There is variety in the motif and design of the dress. Model: Niharika Haider.

The scent of new flowers in the air, with the obsession of World Love Day. May love and spring merge at the same time. Designers bring new clothes to Falgun every year for such events. Usually the color of nature brings up the clothes. This time too there was no exception. Basanti, red and yellow are more popular as the main colors of Falgun’s clothes. Those who prefer less red and yellow have no reason to despair. Several fashion houses have featured Fagun’s motifs in white, blue, brown, purple and green. This time Falgun is also organizing various flower motifs of spring.

Color Bangladesh:

Rang Bangladesh has brought Fagun’s clothes suitable for all ages including boys and girls. In addition to the basanti color of the garment, white, blue, off-white and several other colors have been given precedence. It can be said that the variety of colors is the feature of their work this time.


Sarees and tops with special designs of stitchwork sewing can be found in the spring collection of flaws. Basically all the clothes have hand sewing work. And their specialty is that most of the work is rich in cutwork and patchwork design.


Twelve has brought basanti dresses with floral and striped motifs. Punjabi for boys, salwar-kameez and top for girls.

This time Fagun of Bishwarang is organized with the combination of colorful colors of nature. They have also tried to diversify the designs of blouses including saris and Punjabis. In this falgun, those who want to sit on the wedding pedestal can also decorate the bride and groom with the colorful basanti dress.


This spring, Anjan’s has come up with new designs for boys ‘Punjabi and girls’ sari and salwar kameez. The same outfit has been matched with different colors.

Cray Craft:

Yellow, orange, basanti, lemon, green and red colors are predominant in the motifs of various spring flowers in this year’s Falgun dress of K Craft. Children’s clothing including sari, salwar, kameez, kurti, tops, skirts, Punjabi will be available. The combination of cotton, linen, georgette, silk and voile fabrics has been innovated in its own weaving design.


Bibiana has appeared in Basanti design with yellow sari and top. Added variety to the top sleeve and neck work. There is also a variety in the material of the sari.

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